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parsons family photo

Herman Augustus Parsons (born 29 September 1877), at left rear. Eva Ruth White Parsons (born 14 February 1886), in front center. Their oldest son, Harvey LeRoy (born 5 December 1909), at right rear. Middle child, my Dad, Stanton Albert Parsons (born 26 November 1914), sitting at left. The baby, Wilma Parsons Noyes (born 17 June 1921), seated at right.
Janet R. Parsons
Durham, North Carolina (born in Burlington, Vermont)

From Deanna Simons

family photo

“This is one of my favorite family pictures. From left to right (circa 1897). My grandfather, (dressed as a little girl) Julius E. Parsons, his father George A. Parsons, big brother Seth Parsons, and mother Emma Gordon Parsons. On the bottom you can just make out Cobleskill and Middleburg, NY” 

Photos from Karen V. Williams

Abner Parsons

My Great-Grandfather Abner Charles Parsons (1866-1951), Vinton, IA, Grand Junction, CO, Phoenix, AZ

Marguerite Grace Parsons

A.C. Parsons’ daughter Marguerite Grace Parsons (1891-1967) b. Vinton, IA, d. Grand Junction, CO

mother child

My grandmother Marguerite, (1891-1967) with my father Herman Parsons Vorbeck (1915-1995).


No, we don’t mind, Joan. We are thrilled!

“I hope you dont mind my sending all of these photo’s to you. They were in my grandmothers album – she was Carrie Parsons and these are her relatives – the only one I can identify is James G who was in Ashtabula Ohio and whose family we were in contact with. My grandmother was daughter of William of Callowhill, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, Ireland – her ancestry is on Ray Parsons homepage. Any help in identifying any of the people photographed would be absolutely marvellous.  

Thank you.  

Yours, Joan McKenna”


Bob Heath sent in the charming photograph (on the left) of his wife Ariana’s Great Grandfather’s family at Cony Island, NY. He was a tug boat Captain on the Hudson River and they lived in Yonkers N.Y. Starting with the gentleman on the left who is Joseph Abram Parsons, b. 8-23-1871 and d. 7-27-1927. Continuing clockwise, the woman in the hat is unknown. Next is Eva (Evelyn) Parsons, Araina’s grand mother, b.1-14-1896, d. 11-18-1939. Next is Ella Rebecca Parsons Parsons, Joseph’s wife, b. 5-1-1874, m. 3-3-1893 and d. 4-1934, continuing clockwise is Agnes Parsons b. 11-18-1901 and d. 8-30-1990 and married a Freeman and last is Alice Ella Parsons, b. 12-25-1899 and d. 12-28-1976 and married a Crowley.

Daguerreotype of Noah Parsons, III, 5 sons.

Daguerreotype of Noah Parsons, III, 5 sons.

Capt. Noah Parsons, IV
b: 17 Jun. 1789, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 20 Feb. 1859, Lima, Livingston Co., NY

Asa Parsons
b: 21 Feb. 1787, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 18 Jul. 1868, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA

Jared Parsons
b: 10 Apr. 1783, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 29 May 1866, Onondaga, Onondaga Co., NY

Chester Parsons
b: 22 Jan. 1791, Westhampton, Hanpshire Co., MA
d: 21 Aug. 1874, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY, USA

Abner Edwards Parsons
b: 15 Feb. 1785, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 25 Sept. 1854, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA

Thanks to Gary Parsons

Daguerrotype of Sarah Edwards, wife of Noah Parsons, III

b: 16 May 1757, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA
m: 14 May 1778, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 19 Apr 1849, Skaneateles, Onondaga County, NY

Capt. Noah Parsons, IV, was my 3rd great-grandfather, and the son of Sarah Edwards Parsons, who was my 4th great-grandmother.  

–Gary Parsons

Daguerrotype of Sarah Edwards, wife of Noah Parsons, III

From Gary Parsons:

Here are two pictures (paintings) of Sarah Parsons and her husband, Luther Clark. Sarah was the daughter of Noah Parsons, III, and Sarah Edwards. She was also the sister of the Parsons brothers, above.

Sarah Parsons Clark
b: 8 Jan. 1793, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
m: Abt 9 Dec. 1815, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 30 Nov. 1854, Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., NY

Luther Clark
b: 1 Sep. 1789, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
m: Abt 9 Dec. 1815, Westhampton, Hampshire Co., MA
d: 30 Oct. 1881, Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., NY

sarah parsons

luther clark

luther clark

theron parsons

Theron Parsons
b: 2 Apr. 1805, Otisco, Onondaga Co., NY
m: 25 Sep. 1827, Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
d: 26 Sep. 1893, National City, San Diego Co., CA

Lovina Collins Parsons
b: 17 Oct. 1807, Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
m: 25 Sep. 1827, Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY
d: 22 Jan. 1873, National City, San Diego Co., CA

Theron was my 2nd great-grandfather, and the son of Capt. Noah Parsons, IV, shown in the daguerreotype image of the five brothers.

–Gary Parsons

lovina collins parsons

willis parsons

Camille Cole’s Family Picture

The Willis Parsons Family, Syracuse, New York
Standing, left to right: Grace Parsons, Marion Parsons
Seated, left to right: Willis Armstrong Parsons, Martha Parsons, Mary Anna Clowes Parsons

Susan Swedin’s Family Pictures

“It has been so much fun reading about the Parsons family. Thank you for all the great information!

alfred bradbury mary parsons

cleon bernice bradbury

mary parsons bradbury

Mary (Bliss) Parsons was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Bliss born 1628 in England. She married Joseph Parsons in 1646 in Hartford, Connecticut and together settled in Northampton, MA. They enjoyed considerable financial success, were respected members of the community, and had 11 children.

However, their accomplishments led to jealousy, followed by accusations of witchcraft. A slander trial filed against a neighbor’s accusations in 1656 resulted in a verdict clearing the Parsons. The unfortunate death of that neighbor’s daughter in 1674 led to renewed charges of witchcraft and a second acquittal in a trial conducted in Boston. The fallout from the trials and continuing rumors pressured the Parsons to leave Northampton for Springfield. Mary (Bliss) Parsons died in Springfield in 1712.

The belief in witchcraft and resulting trials was a tragic chapter in the history of colonial New England. The false accusations culminated with the hysteria of the 1692 Salem witch trials. Hundreds were accused and death sentences were carried out on 20 victims. The trials ended when the Court was persuaded that “spectral evidence” (recounting dreams or visions) was not admissible. Although tragic for the victims and their families, the legacy of that experience contributed to essential court reforms including the right to legal representation, right to cross-examine testimony of accusers, and the presumption of innocence.

A list of resources on the life of Mary (Bliss) Parsons follows:

Historical fictions based upon the life of Mary Bliss Parsons
My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton
By Karen Vorbeck Williams

Silencing The Women: The Witch Trials of Mary Bliss Parsons
By Kathy-Ann Becker

The Mary (Bliss) Parsons Witchcraft Trial Website

Jury Finds Mary Parsons Not Guilty of Witchcraft
Mass Moments, a project of Mass Humanities, 66 Bridge Street, Northampton, MA 01060

Mary Bliss Parsons, the Witch of Northampton
New England Historical Society, Stonington, ME 94681

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